• Allcool project Toolkit include relevant information, success factors and different methods to support local stakeholders in the design and implementation of interventions targeting binge drinking among low-income groups, sharing intervention tools and methodologies and the implemented interventions and the experiences in the participating countries. Toolkit is traslate in all project’s partners language d-6-3-toolkittoolkit-in-italianotoolkit-Spanish
  • D3.4 – Allcool project Newsletter.

The First Newsletter d3-4-communication-materials-newsletter-n-1-december-2016

The second Newsletter d3-4-communication-materials-2newsletter

The Third Newsletter d3-4-communication-materials-newsletter-november-2017

The Fourth Newsletter d3-4-communication-materials-newsletter-n-4th-may-2018

La quarta Newsletter in italiano newsletter-n-4-maggio-2018-italiano

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